Bryan Bonwell

Special guest

Bryan Bonwell is a Southern California native born in Bellflower California, raised in Cerritos and now resides in Anaheim where he lives with his lovely wife Marilyn. They have three kids almost old enough to move out of the house. Hint hint! 😊 Bonwell graduated from Cal State Fullerton as a business marketing major, but always has had a love for music. Upon graduating, he took an internship with legendary A&R and Music Supervisor Michael Dilbeck. Upon finishing his internship Bonwell was asked to stay on as a fulltime employee and went on to be a part of music supervising many features films including Waterboy, Big Daddy, Scary Movie, Fifty First Dates and most recently The Wrong Missy and Murder Mystery. Bonwell has also had the wonderful fortune of being able to work in the Film and Television department at Warner Music. He started at Warner Chappell and has recently moved over to the recorded music side to be a part of Warner Music Group’s newly formed Visual Media Licensing team where he is excited about working with some of the most amazing current artists as well as working the catalogs of some of the biggest classic artists.

Lola Benice Bonwell is 11 weeks old and weighs an impressive 23 pounds. Lola was born in Safford AZ and now lives with her mommy, daddy, brother and two sisters in Anaheim. She is super smart, at 11 weeks old she is already pretty much potty trained, she knows how to sit, stay, shake and lay down. She is also the biggest shoe thief in the world and is so smart she can hide her brothers shoes (or he is not that smart?) and it takes him all day to actually find them. Lola can pretty much do whatever she wants and get away with it because she is super cute and knows it. That’s how she got her name Lola! Whatever Lola wants Lola gets.

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