Special guest

IWARI is the Conscious Party Emcee; capable of helping the world enjoy itself, and responsible for reminding the world it needs to correct its wrongs. Iwari grew up in the 90’s a time when hip hop was synonymous with social progress and mainstream culture. Influential artists such as 2pac, inspired him to start rapping at age seven as IWARI wants to continue their legacy. Poetic verses, versatile production, a candid delivery style, and bold subject matter helps IWARI add to the legacy of hip hop worldwide.

A true “American Citizen” IWARI was Born in St. Louis while living in New York then moved to LA and consistently rotated between all three with a dash of Mississippi. Growing up with exposure to such different regions in the US allowed IWARI to see that there is more that unites us than divides us.

IWARI grew up playing violin, piano, saxophone and guitar which led him to making his own beats without formal training. Outside of rap music IWARI is into fitness science and technology, and all sorts of art and entertainment. He is always one to dive deep on the latest tech, news, music, or movies he loves having interesting conversations with new people!

Iwari has been a guest on 1 episode.

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