Kostas Christides

Special guest

Kostas Christides was born in Thessaloniki, Greece. He started his musical studies when he was six years old. When he finished high school he moved to London and graduated from the London College of Music where he studied Piano, Composition and Orchestration and also received his Masters degree in Composition. He is also a graduate of the University of Southern California's Advanced Studies Program in Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television.

Being passionate about film music since he was teenager - when he started his over 1200 soundtracks collection-, Kostas commenced working in various projects right after school.

With numerous credits to his name as a composer of original scores and an orchestrator, Christides' accomplishments have included among others, compositions for the films, With Great Power: The Stan Lee Story, Love Happens (Universal), Black Tulip (Fox), Perkins 14 (Lions Gate), Dark Ride (Lions Gate), The Drone Virus, 29 Reasons To Run, Eduart, Crime Time Animation Series and orchestrations for, The Hurricane (Universal), Spiderman 3 (Sony Pictures), Wonder Boys (Paramount), Swordfish (Warner Bros.), The Shipping News (Miramax), The Core (Paramount), The Exorcism Of Emily Rose (Sony Pictures), and Untraceable (Paramount). Most recently, he worked with Brandon Camp for Netflix's 2018 reboot of Benji.

Kostas has been awarded for "Best Original Music" at Bare Bone International Film Festival and "Best Impact Of Music" at Park City Film Music Festival for his work in the film "29 Reasons To Run"

He has also received, the "Best Original Score" award at the "Greek State Film Awards 2006" for his work in the German-Greek production "Eduart".

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