Megan Goldstein

Special guest

Megan Goldstein is a Los Angeles native who, after graduating Harvard '05, returned quickly to her home city to attend graduate school at USC in Cinema/Television. After finishing school she spent six years at Warner Music Group negotiating sync for film, television, and trailers on the record label side. She is now a Director at BMG working in sync on the publishing side. She works with a broad range of clients including many music supervisors, as well as working with Universal Pictures, WB Pictures, Disney, CBS, HBO, among many others. Megan is also a musician, playing saxophone, and clarinet (and occasionally flute when she's forced to) around Los Angeles, as well as a singer with a small ensemble, The Dulcet Singers. She is also the Director of Handbells at First United Methodist Church of Pasadena where she conducts various groups and performs regularly.

Megan Goldstein has been a guest on 3 episodes.

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