Sequel Rights

We take a look at the film franchises that make you go, "They made how many of those?!?!," then give each and every sequel... a fair trial!

Sequel Soundtrack Rights

Sequel Rights recently bursted onto the Spotify podcasts section, and to celebrate, we put together a playlist of all your favorite tunes from your favorite sequels!

Sadly, some of our favorites were missing from Spotify! You'll have to look elsewhere for Ron Bloom's patriotic tunes from Missing in Action 3, "Dark as Love" from Species IV, or any of Benji's Euel Box jams. But there's some really good stuff on here, including James Horner's entire score for An American Tail, Hans Zimmer's Darkman score, "Oh Man" from Step Up: Highwater, and Justin's favorite "Santa's Got a Hot Rod" from the Santa Clause 3.

Right now the playlist includes everything we could find through The Naked Gun series. We'll keep updating as we cover more films, so follow the playlist and check back often! And of course, follow us on Spotify to get all the new podcast episodes too!


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