Sequel Rights

We take a look at the film franchises that make you go, "They made how many of those?!?!," then give each and every sequel... a fair trial!

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We take a look at the film franchises that make you go, "They made how many of those?!?!," then give each and every sequel... a fair trial! Hosted by Elizabeth Geli, Justin Kamps, and Tyler Hymanson. Reach us at [email protected], @sequelrights on Twitter, and

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Episodes and Blog Entries

  • Ep 168 - Beethoven's Big Break

    Episode  |  December 9th, 2020  |  1 hr 2 mins
    animal trainer, beethoven, beethoven's big break, cesar millan, cgi, comedy, dog, dog whisperer, eddie griffin, family, film, franchise, hollywood, jennifer finnigan, joey fatone, jonathan silverman, lizard, meta, moises arias, orlando, oscar nunez, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, rhea perlman, screenwriting, sequel, st bernard, stephen tobolowsky, universal studios

    Beethoven finally goes meta in the latest sequel! Join your hosts Justin, Eliz, and Tyler as they pick apart another Universal Studios Orlando set sequel with Beethoven's Big Break!

  • Ep 167 - Beethoven's 5th

    Episode  |  December 2nd, 2020  |  48 mins 4 secs
    backlot, beethoven, beethoven's 5th, clint howard, dave thomas, daveigh chase, dog, film studio, franchise, ghosts, john larroquette, kathy griffin, mercury, mining, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, quicksilver, sara newton, scooby doo, sequel, studio lot, symphony, treasure, universal

    It's finally here, the moment the entire franchise has been building towards. Beethoven's 5th!! Can Dave Thomas, John Larroquette, and Kathy Griffin and a small town named Quicksilver live up to one of the most recognizable melodies of all time?! Find out in this week's brand new episode!

  • Ep 166 - Beethoven's 4th

    Episode  |  November 25th, 2020  |  51 mins 22 secs
    beethoven, beethoven's 4th, comedy, dog, dvd, family, franchise, greeting cards, home video, judge reinhold, julia sweeney, michaelangelo, oil painting, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, rich, sequel, training, universal, video

    If you were worried Beethoven's 4th wouldn't have Judge Reinhold well FEAR NOT! The Judge is back and this time Beethoven accidentally swaps places with a pampered, super-rich St. Bernard lookalike. Join us as we tackle the Beethoven Franchise's take on The Prince and the Pauper in this week's brand new episode!

  • Ep 165 - Beethoven's 3rd (GUEST: Chad Felix)

    Episode  |  November 18th, 2020  |  1 hr 4 mins
    beethoven, beethoven's 3rd, chad felix, comedy, dog, dvd, family, franchise, guest, home video, judge reinhold, julia sweeney, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, road trip, rv, sequel, trilogy, universal, video

    Same dog, different family! Beethoven hits the road with Judge Reinhold and Julia Sweeney in Beethoven's 3rd. Guest Chad Felix joins us as we hit straight-to-video releases in the Beethoven franchise real early.

  • Ep 164 - Beethoven's 2nd (GUEST: Kasey Truman)

    Episode  |  November 11th, 2020  |  57 mins 10 secs
    beethoven, beethoven's 2nd, best song, bonnie hunt, charles grodin, debi mazar, dog, dolly parton, eating contest, extra, fair, family, fun, guest, james ingram, kasey truman, love, missy, oscars, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, puppies, romance, sequel, song, st bernard

    Beethoven is back and this time he's in love!! Awwww! Special guest Kasey Truman joins us to talk about her experience on set filming Beethoven's 2nd.

  • Ep 163 - Beethoven (GUEST: Nathaniel Rotta)

    Episode  |  November 4th, 2020  |  1 hr 2 mins
    1992, beethoven, bonnie hunt, brian levant, charles grodin, david duchovney, dean jones, dog, drool, edmond dantes, family, franchise, john hughes, oliver platt, patricia heaton, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, puppies, randy edelman, slobber, st bernard, stanley tucci

    Roll over Tall Man, there's a new terror in town, but this one is SO CUTE!!! In 1992, Universal kicked off the 8 film Beethoven series with the original John Hughes classic. We dive into more canine antics as we kick off our look at Beethoven with special guest Nathaniel Rotta!

    Note: this episode was recorded in October 2020 prior to the election

  • Ep 162 - Phantasm: Ravager

    Episode  |  October 28th, 2020  |  1 hr 18 mins
    angus scrimm, apocalypse, dementia, dimensional fork, don coscarelli, final, franchise, jody, mad max, mike, phantasm, phantasm 5, phantasm ravager, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, ravager, reggie, reggie bannister, rocky, sequel, sphere, the tall man

    The Tall Man returns one last time to decimate the planet in Phantasm: Ravager. Join your hosts Justin, Eliz, and Tyler as they try to make sense of what's real and what's not in the final Phantasm film.

  • Ep 161 - Tremors: Shrieker Island (GUEST: Michael Gross)

    Episode  |  October 21st, 2020  |  1 hr 21 mins
    biotech, burt gummer, caroline langrishe, franchse, graboids, guest, interview, island, jon heder, jurassic park, michael gross, napoleon dynamite, perfection, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, predator, richard brake, sequel, shrieker island, shriekers, spoilers, thailand, tremors, tremors 7, universal, universal 1440

    This week we're proud and beyond excited to welcome Michael Gross to the podcast!! He joins us to discuss the brand new entry in one of our favorite franchises, Tremors: Shrieker Island. Tune in to hear Michael's thoughts on portraying Burt over the years, insights on the latest film, and where the franchise could be going next. Tremors fans won't want to miss it!!

  • Ep 160 - Phantasm IV: Oblivion (GUEST: Matt Bieler)

    Episode  |  October 14th, 2020  |  1 hr 16 mins
    1998, 20th digital, a michael baldwin, angus scrimm, bite size halloween, director, don coscarelli, fred myrow, guest, halloween, horror, hulu, huluween, jody, matt bieler, mike, oblivion, phantasm, phantasm 4, phantasm iv, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, reggie, reggie bannister, scifi, score, sequel, short film, soundtrack, the tall man, visible

    Have you seen it?! Have you!?!

    Once again it's Ice Cream Man vs. Tall Man as Reggie, Mike and Jody return for the 4th entry in the Phantasm series. Director Matt Bieler joins us this week to talk Phantasm IV: Oblivion, a film that takes a very unique approach to repurposing old footage.

  • Ep 159 - Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead (GUEST: Daniel Freedman)

    Episode  |  October 7th, 2020  |  1 hr 18 mins
    angus scrimm, comics, daniel freedman, dark horse, don coscarelli, franchise, guest, home alone, indie, jody, lord of the dead, mausoleum, mike, phantasm, phantasm 3, phantasm iii, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, raiders, reggie, reggie bannister, sequel, spheres, tall man, tim, true indie

    Ladies and gentlemen, please join us in welcoming back, the one true Mike, A. Michael Baldwin!!

    The original cast of Phantasm reunites for the third battle against The Tall Man. Throw in a brand new kid who may love killing a bit too much, one new badass named Rocky, and our returning special guest Daniel Freedman and you've got our brand new episode on Phantasm III: Lord of the Dead!

  • Ep 158 - Phantasm II

    Episode  |  September 30th, 2020  |  1 hr 19 secs
    1988, action, angus scrimm, don coscarelli, evil dead, franchise, gold sphere, horror, jawa, liz, mike, mortuary, muscle car, phantasm, phantasm 2, phantasm ii, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, psychic, reggie, road, road trip, sam raimi, scifi, sequel, special, sphere, supernatural, the tall man

    The Tall Man is back, and still on the hunt for Mike...even though now he might have a harder time recognizing him as he's a totally different actor. Mike and Reggie hit the road to confront The Tall Man in this week's episode on Don Coscarelli's Phantasm II!

  • Ep 157 - Phantasm

    Episode  |  September 23rd, 2020  |  1 hr 1 min
    1979, angus scrimm, don coscarelli, dwarf, explosions, franchise, funeral, horror, ice cream, jawa, jody, mausoleum, mike, morningside, mortuary, mystery, phantasm, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, psychic powers, reggie, remaster, sci-fi, sequel, sphere, the tall man

    We officially entered Fall just yesterday and that means that spoooooky horror times are upon us!! There's no better time than right now to step into the Morningside Cemetery to try and catch a glimpse of the Tall Man. Just make sure you keep your eyes out for any roaming spheres in the mausoleum! Join us as we kick off our series on Don Coscarelli's Phantasm!

  • Ep 156 - Splash, Too

    Episode  |  September 16th, 2020  |  52 mins 24 secs
    abc, amy yasbeck, animal rights, comedy, dolphin, franchise, homeowners, marriage, mermaid, movie, new york, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, produce, rom com, romantic, salty, sequel, splash, splash too, todd waring, tv, wonderful world of disney

    Now time for a mermaid and aquatic life-filled sequel that will truly make you exclaim...'This is Splash too?!?!' Featuring an all new cast, tune in to the continuing adventures of Not Tom Hanks and Not Daryl Hannah in television movie sequel Splash, Too!

  • Ep 155 - Splash

    Episode  |  September 9th, 2020  |  1 hr 11 mins
    1984, brian grazer, comedy, daryl hannah, disney, eugene levy, john candy, love, mermaid, new york city, nyc, ocean, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, romantic, ron howard, sequel, splash, statue of liberty, tom hanks, touchstone

    There's nothing like a dip in the ocean on a hot day like we've been having lately! But who needs the ocean when you can live in New York City with Tom Hanks!?! This week, Daryl Hannah does just that as the mermaid Madison in the 1984 Ron Howard directed hit Splash.

  • Ep 154 - Bill & Ted Face The Music (GUESTS: Jonathan Leahy & Mitch Thompson)

    Episode  |  September 2nd, 2020  |  2 hrs 12 mins
    2020, bill, bill and ted face the music, billie, blind covers, comedy, duncan, feel good, guest, happy, jimi hendrix, jonathan leahy, kid cudi, logan, louis armstrong, missy, mitch thompson, mozart, music, music supervision, music supervisor, orion, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, positive, preston, soundtrack, ted, thea, trilogy

    After all these years, it's time for Bill & Ted to unite the world and save reality as we know it once again! It's time to watch the brand new film Bill & Ted Face The Music! This week we interview Music Supervisor Jonathan Leahy who talks about his work on the soundtrack for the film, and Mitch Thompson (Blind Covers) joins us to discuss the end of the trilogy. Party on dudes!!

  • Ep 153 - Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (GUEST: Joseph Escamilla)

    Episode  |  August 26th, 2020  |  1 hr 14 mins
    air guitar, alex winter, bill, bill and ted's bogus journey, costume, death, denomolos, excellent, excellent adventure, future, george carlin, haloween, heaven, hell, joseph escamilla, keanu reeves, kiss, peace, phone booth, podcast, podcasting, podernfamily, possesion, rufus, sequel, ted, trilogy, william sadler, wyld stallyns

    Bill & Ted are back this week! They passed their history exam and are about to embark on a journey through the afterlife with Death by their side. Bill & Ted superfan and friend of the show Joseph Escamilla joins us this week to discuss Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey!

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