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Child Star Check-In - Benji's Allen Fiuzat

If you're a regular Sequel Rights listener, you know that I (Eliz) love to give the "Child Star Check-In" report! I desperately want to know where these people ended up and thanks to my ridiculously expensive multiple journalism degrees, I'm pretty decent at tracking them down. Here on our blog I will share everything I've found while working on Child Star Check-Ins, to prove I'm not just making this stuff up!

Allen Fiuzat - Paul in Benji (1974) and For the Love of Benji (1977).

Fiuzat was the lovable but vocabulary-lacking big brother Paul in the first two Benji films. Hear us talk more about him in our podcast episode on the film. According to IMDB, Allen Fiuzat was born April 25, 1964 in Bell County, Texas. He did not continue acting after the Benji films. In the trivia section, it says he is the Co-owner of F. Scott's Restaurant and Jazz Bar in Nashville, Tennessee as of 2003.

On his LinkedIn I find out that Allen Fiuzat attend Rice University starting in 1982 and majored in English. At some point he married Michelle Coyne, and I believe they are still married today although she has never changed her name, probably because it would mess up her licenses as a professional counselor. In May 2012 they purchased a house for $590,000.

After working as the General Manager, Allen and his business partner Ben Robichaux purchased F. Scott's Restaurant in September 1996. They hired a new chef who redid the menu, and they redecorated to gain local acclaim among restaurant critics. In Feb 2004, a short news piece announced that Fiuzat and Robichaux sold had sold the restaurant.

From 2005-8, he went back to school at Aquinas University, doing post-baccalaureate work in teacher education and professional development in a specific subject. In 2010 he started working as a Teaching Assistant at Williamson County Schools, where he continues to work today. In 2014 he was named one of the employees of the year!

In 2017, Allen's mother Nancy Brugger Fiuzat passed away peacefully. According to the obituary, it seems that Allen & Michelle do not have any children.

Allen and Michelle are charitable, giving somewhere between $500 - $999 to St. Luke's Community House, an organization that helps low income families, seniors and individuals in West Nashville achieve their potential and prevent problems that threaten the stability of families and community, in at least 2005 and 2016

Here's what he looks like now:

Until next time, that's it for the Eliz Child Star Check-In! --Eliz

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