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Adrift in the Un-Open Water

"Adrift," a new film starring Shailene Woodley and Sam Claflin as a couple lost at sea just dropped a trailer and I have one very important question--how is this NOT part of the Open Water franchise? I mean, I get they would have had to change the name, since Open Water 2 was already called "Adrift," but still...

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Apparently this new film, directed by Baltasar Kormákur, is based on the incredible true story of a couple in 1983 that got stuck in the middle of the Pacific during one of the worst hurricanes in human history. Sounds like the perfect premise for an Open Water film! ...although this one is actually based on the book written by Tami Oldham Ashcraft, the woman who survived this incident. (Her male counterpart didn't co-author the book, so....spoilers? Or maybe he just doesn't like writing.)

Another fun fact is that Miles Teller was originally set to star instead of Sam Claflin--the guy who literally played a sea warrior with a trident in the Hunger Games series. IMO things have turned out for the best.

Anyway, I'm sad this isn't part of the Open Water franchise so that we could do a fun bonus episode, but I'll probably end up watching it anyway! I really enjoy these two actors and the film looks super scary. And hey, it can't be any worse than Open Water 2: Adrift, amirite? #NOTDANSBOAT

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